Should You Do Performance Art?

One of the most relatively recent forms of art, performance art hails from the 1970s, when dada cabarets were still some of the most popular forms of entertainment available. During that time, artists began experimenting with a new concept that involve a less structure and more free form kind of performance. Since then, it has grown in fame.

So, now the question you might be asking yourself is whether or not you should do performance art. The answer depends heavily on what type of art you’re even into. You could always get reliable resources at affordable prices using Promo Codes to learn more about performance art.

What Is Performance Art?

For the most part, performance art is often called conceptual art because it’s meant to be performed just once and never or only rarely replicated. It’s meant to send a message or convey some form of meaning, though, there’s no guarantee that anyone would even understand it.

Performance art can also span several forms, from movies, music, dance, and song. The point is to attach some form of identity to the act, whether it’s politics, ethnicity, or philosophy. As a result, it covers a pretty wide and varied scope, and can be hard to pin down. The only thing you can count on to be consistent with performance art is that it’s always inconsistent.

How To Do Performance Art

Since this kind of art is virtually without rules, you can do all kinds of stunts involving different concepts and materials. If you want to paint on a large, white canvas on the floor by dipping your toes in paint in public, you can certainly do that. You could also perform your own rendition of famous musical pieces in the park, for everyone to see. The choice is up to you.

Should You Do Performance Art?

By and large, performance art can be limited to the kind of art you’re doing. If you’re a literary student, for example, it can be hard to put that skill into a public event. You could always read your work, but that would make it structured, which makes it a shaky prospect. As for everything else, feel free to go nuts if you want to.

Just be sure to start small. If you need supplies, you can save by using Coupon Codes On Products.

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  1. Julie

    Not all artists are treated the same. Most artists that get the most appreciation come from the visual arts. Performance artists doe not share the same degree of affluence but they tend to become celebrities themselves.


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